Suzanne Phan, Reporter


Suzanne Phan has been a professional journalist for nearly 20 years.

She is a versatile reporter. Not only does she tackle complicated court cases and criminal investigations, she also handles breaking news and multiple deadlines. And, for years, she engaged in lively morning news segments.

Her ability to fluently speak multiple languages-- including Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese- has made her a valuable asset to newsrooms and the community.

Suzanne has participated in numerous academies: DA Citizens Academy, FBI Citizens Academy, and various Police and Sheriff Citizens Academies. She is a 2009 Loyola Journalist Law School Fellow.



  1. *Multi-lingual

  2. *Reporting, Fill-in Anchoring, Hosting

  3. *Shooting, Editing, Web Skills

  4. *Traveled to 20 countries

Twitter: @suzannephan
Facebook: SuzannePhanABC10
LinkedIn: SuzannePhan